2 packages chicken flavored seitan (White Wave is Star-K)
2-4 leeks
3 large carrots
3 large parsnips
alphabet noodles

Drain liquid from seitan into soup pot. Cut seitan into bite sized pieces and add to pot.

Remove the dark green part of the leeks and wash remainder of the leek well in salted water. Cut leeks in half, rewash and check leeks for bugs. Cut leeks into ½ inch slices and add to soup pot.

Wash and peel parsnips and carrots. Cut into strips about 3 inches by ½ inch. Add to soup pot.

Wash and examine carefully the parsley and dill (I use a good hand full of each) and place in a cheese cloth bag. Smash garlic with the flat side of a heavy knife. Add this to bag. Knot bag and add to the soup pot. Cover vegetables with water and boil until vegetables are tender. Add the alphabet noodles about 10 minutes before the soup is done.

I cook my soups the day ahead and reheat in a crockpot. The soups are nice and hot this way. The crockpot must be left on through Shabbos and the soup may not be reheated for Shabbos day.

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