Parshas Toldos 5769
                 November 29, 2008


               WHO PREPARE

                            VOICES FROM THE EZRAS NASHIM

Koheles tells us that there is a time to laugh and a time to cry. And so it is with us. The laughter and joy of last week’s bris have given way to the sadness of loss.

Rose Pakula wife of our friend Wolf Pakula and mother of Barry and Harold Pakula returned her neshamah to her Maker following a long illness.

When I first met Rose she spoke about her role as a fundraiser for her synagogue and sisterhood group. She had been involved in many projects that were creative and that assisted the organizations she worked with by raising needed funds. Rose was charming, sociable and lively. It was a pleasure to know and be with her. She was loved not only by her family, but also by those of us who had the pleasure of meeting her later in her life.

We pray that Wolf, Barry and Harold will be comforted among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

On Saturday, November 22, 2008 a young police officer in our city lost his life when he lost control of the vehicle he was driving and crashed into a tree. Alex Del Rio was in pursuit of a speeding driver when he swerved to avoid a taxi that had entered the street on which he was driving from a side street. Alex’s car burst into flames and he was trapped inside.

In addition to being one-half of the Dov team I work as a traffic magistrate for Broward County and am assigned to the Hollywood branch of the court. Officer Del Rio appeared before me many times. I never saw him without a smile. He loved his work and took traffic control seriously. Often he was assigned to school zones. Not only would I see him in court, but while driving through the city I would see him as he kept the speed of drivers down so that children would be safe. It is good to love your work and to have a higher purpose. Alex will be remembered with love by all who knew him.

I would urge readers of this page to recognize that speeding kills, wounds and maims. Driving safely is a requirement of civil law and halacha. We are admonished to protect ourselves and others by refraining from acts that may do harm.

May the future bring us joy, light and simchas shared with family and friends.

Elk’s Menu
Parshas Toledot
Friday, November 28, 2008—2 Kislev 5769

 Whole Wheat Challah
Baked in the merit of a child for a childless couple
Call Yehudis Halberstam at 718-972-4793 for this week’s names
Fresh Grapefruit and Orange Slices
Vegetable Soup
Salmon in Whisky Marinade
Pasta with Green Vegetables and Herbs
Spinach Souffle
Rosemary Roasted Baby Potatoes
Orzo Salad with Artichokes and Pine Nuts
Lettuce Salad with Fine Herbs and Homemade Dressing
Coconut Brownies
Blond Brownies

Kiddush Menu
Saturday, November 29, 2008—2 Kislev 5769

Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Gefilte Fish
Matjes Herring
Chickpea Salad

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