Parshas Vaera
  January 24, 2009 - 28 Teves 5769



Voices From the Ezras Nashim

Today, the twenty-fifth of Teves, Dov and I decided to run away. I realize that sounds somewhat silly, but in actuality we tried to leave behind the events of our daily life and do something new, different and fun. We planned to drive about 40 miles north of Hollywood to visit a hydroponic farm. The farm specializes in strawberries (no bending—no dirt), but has many other vegetables and a garden with baby goats and other animals. The day was beautiful. Sunny, crisp and cold. That, however, was the problem.

When we arrived at The Girls Strawberry Upick we found the doors locked and signs indicating that the farm was closed. It seems that the weather was so cold the owners had to cover the farm products to protect them from damage. They then decided to take the day to reorganize their country store and so no visitors were permitted.

The proprietor informed us of the above happenings and then suggested we might like to visit The Boys Farmers Market about two streets away. It seems the boys are brothers, but we are unsure of the status of The Girls. The Boys Farmers Market was easy to locate, although parking presented the challenge of the day. It was really hard to believe that so many people were out and about buying veggies. Once inside the market we discovered that in addition to the many varieties of common and uncommon fruits and vegetables there were prepared foods, meats and fish (not Kosher) and a selection of packaged items that included many Kosher products that were just calling out to be purchased. We left with bags upon bags of wonderful veggies and a selection of items L’Kavod Shabbos. It took us over an hour to wander through the market. As we wandered we chatted with each and with total strangers. It was a really friendly place.

When we left the market we headed back toward Boca Raton with the expectation of trying a Kosher restaurant we had not previously tried. Somehow I just could not figure out exactly where to go and so we decided to visit an old favorite, Eilat Café at Wharfside. We were thrilled and delighted to see how busy the restaurant was.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why we end up in one situation when we had planned things to be different. Gamzu l”tova. Yes, okay, but a little insight would make the path clearer. As we entered the building that houses Eilat Café we were greeted by a young woman we had not seen in over 10 months. She quickly brought us up to date on happenings in her life and when we inquired about her parents she indicated that they would be here in a minute. That seemed odd because her parents live in Monsey.

We were seated and had ordered our meal when the young lady appeared again with her grandparents, parents and brother. All were seated at the table next to us. It was a pleasure to catch up and chat.

We spoke of times that the family had spent Shabbos with us on Hollywood Beach and learned that they planned to spend the upcoming Shabbos on Miami Beach. We wished them well and invited them to join us in Hollywood anytime their Shabbos plans brought them in our direction. As I sat down to write about today’s events I received a phone call from Dov telling me that we would be having extra guests for Shabbos. Our friends had decided to stay in Hollywood.

No plans really go awry. They go the way the Abishter planned.

Elk’s Menu
For Parshas Vaera
January 24, 2009—28 Teves 5769

Whole Wheat Challah
Baked in the merit of a child for a childless couple. To participate in this mitzvah please call Yehudis Halberstam—718-972-4793 for this week’s names.
Cantaloupe, Blueberry and Black Grape Fruit Cup
Parve Chicken Soup
Salmon with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions en Croute
Salmon in Whisky Marinade
Pasta with Vegetarian Sausages
Yerushalmi Kugel
Spinach Souffle
Avocado Salad with Red and Yellow Tomatoes
Lettuce Salad with Fine Herbs and Homemade Dressing
Banana Cake with Orange Frosting
Challah Kugel

Kiddush Menu
January 24, 2009—28 Teves 5769

Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Gefilte Fish
Matjes Herring
Israeli Salad
Baked Smoked Salmon Platter

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