Parshas Pinchas
July 11, 2009 - 19 Tammuz 5769


   Voices From the Ezras Nashim 

Since the time of our President's speech in Cairo and Benjamin Netanyahu's response I have been troubled by my own lack of understanding of the problems of the state of Israel. To some extent I feel like the king of Siam who stated “Sometimes I am not sure of what I absolutely know.” I know that we are destined to live in peace in our own land sometime, somehow, but I do not see how to accomplish this with the rest of the world refusing to accept our right to exist in the land of Israel. There are even large numbers of Jews and Israelis who do not accept the commandment for us to live in and cultivate the land. Many of these people would willing trade land for peace even though time and history have shown that peace is not gained by appeasement of an enemy who wishes you dead.

Our sages comment in regard to this week's parsha, Pinchas, that when Balak failed in his attempt to curse the Jews he told Bilaam that the way to weaken and attack the Jews was to incite the Jewish men into licentious acts with Midianite women. Even in the face of such public displays of inappropriate behavior the Jews of the time stood by and watched public fornication until a zealot motivated only by his love for HaShem put a stop to the act by running his sword through the heart of Zimri into the womb of Cosbi. By this act Pinchas put a stop to a heart filled with lust and a womb that would never know a child conceived in purity. Pinchas' act, however, violent it may seem, brought an end to HaShem's anger.

I have come to believe that if there is hope for us to peacefully settle in the land promised to us by HaShem we will need the assistance of a Pinchas. Someone who acts for the sake of HaShem without any other motive. While I fervently pray that whoever fills this role will be able to accomplish the desired ends peacefully, we should recognize that sometimes acts we perceive as violent end HaShem's anger by correcting a wrong that prevents us from leading the moral and ethical lives expected of us.

May we greet each other in Jerusalem in peace speedily.

Elk's Menu
Parshas Pinchas
July 11, 2009—19 Tammuz 5769

Whole Wheat Challah
 Baked in the merit of a child for a childless couple—for this week's names please call Yehudis Halberstam—718—972--4793
Cantaloupe and Blueberry Fruit Cup
Spiced Carrot soup
Sea Bass with Veggies and White Wine
Salmon Loaf
Vegetarian Chili
Mashed Potatoes with Spinach
Peas and Baby Onions with Mint
Cole Slaw
Lettuce Salad with Fine Herbs and Ranch Dressing
Spanish Bar Cake with Orange Icing

Kiddush Menu

This week's extended kiddush in sponsored in loving memory of Samuel Tilles, MD
by Mindy Tilles

Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Gefilte Fish
Smoked Salmon Platter with Sliced Tomatoes and Onions
Bagels and Cream Cheese
Israeli Salad
Halvah Rugelach

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